Wedding Mall is dedicated to working with creative & innovative individuals who run blogs, review sites, social media accounts or video marketing channels that want to show our products off to their audiences and continue our primary goal of making “Affordable Dream Weddings”.

As such we have partnered with the AWIN affiliate scheme to allow enterprising and creative publishers to show our products to the world is one of the leading wedding accessories and decorations companies in the UK. We have over 5,000 popular wedding and event products available to purchase in store, and regularly add exciting new products to our range.

How does our affiliate program work?

Visit AWIN and sign up for a new account as a publisher.  AWIN allows you to have a single account for as an affiliate for multiple advertisers across the globe.  Once you can have signed up for an AWIN account search for Wedding Mall or our publisher ID of 18262

Once you have been approved to join our affiliate scheme, we will pay you a commission for each sale that is generated, when you refer someone to our website.  You can see our full terms and conditions of the programme on the AWIN site.

We will provide you with links and banners that you can put on your website or blog via AWIN. When someone clicks on a link and visits our site, we will know that you have referred the visitor to us, and if they make a purchase the commission will be credited to your account.