Our Eco Packaging

An important step that we have taken recently, and one that we know that many of you have reached out to us about is our approach to packaging orders. We have chosen to use:



100% recycled paper wrap to keep your products safe instead of plastic packaging.


Water-activated adhesive paper tape to seal your order rather than plastic tape.


     Recycled paper for your delivery notes, and paperless invoicing to reduce the amount of paper needed.


Re-used boxes for 20% of our orders. Instead of always using new boxes, we will re-use boxes from our warehouse to cut down on waste.


We also recycle any pallet wrap and cardboard that we can’t re-use, helping to keep these valuable resources out of landfill.

Our Eco Warehouse

We've also taken important steps to look at energy-efficiency and waste management in our distribution centre. So far we've taken these steps:



Motion-sensor lighting throughout our warehouse and offices to reduce energy waste.


Recycling points throughout the building and several schemes including toner recycling.


Cycle-to-work provisions including bike storage and changing facilities.


Electric car charging ports have been installed in the car park.


Energy-efficient air cycling to reduce heating needs.


Dual-flush toilets, motion-sensor taps and rainwater capture for grey-water use.


A green-energy company now provides our electricity so that we are powered by renewables.