Three fun ways to personalise your wedding’s soundtrack

Three fun ways to personalise your wedding’s soundtrack

20th Feb 2024

It can be hard to create the perfect atmosphere when it comes to such an important and large-scale event as a wedding. Part of both enjoying a meaningful experience and keeping your guests up and dancing means ensuring that you’re well-equipped with a personal and fun wedding day soundtrack.

For a special playlist that’s plenty entertaining, here are three ways you can personalise the music lineup of your big day.

Take requests from guests

There will be lots to organise in the lead-up to your wedding, so why not let your guests do some of the hard work for you? Many couples find that including song request cards with their wedding invitations is a fun way to get guests anticipating the big day – plus, they can help to get those RSVPs returned a little more promptly.

Your guests might request songs they know you and your partner will enjoy, or tracks that remind them of a special memory you share together. Getting each one of your loved ones involved in this way is a great way to honour significant experiences throughout your life, and reminisce about special moments with your favourite people.

Make it a sing-along experience

While karaoke won’t be for everyone, it is a surefire way to truly make your mark on your wedding day playlist. By chatting to your band or DJ prior to your celebration, you can plan a musical experience that’s interactive and amusing for both you and your guests.

Of course, sing-along entertainment works best when it’s spontaneous and authentic – and ultimately, it doesn’t get much more personal than singing your wedding songs yourself. So, don’t be afraid to take to the mic with your new spouse as and when the mood strikes.

Keep things sentimental

This special day is all about you and your partner, so it’s important not to get too caught up in catering to your guests’ every whim. While most couples choose just a couple of key moments to play their most beloved songs – such as the wedding ceremony, or the first dance – it’s important to make sure that the entirety of your wedding soundtrack is true to who you are.

A sentimental soundtrack doesn’t have to be filled with slow songs. In fact, there are all sorts of genres that use upbeat rhythms and are still suited to a romantic celebration. Ultimately, keeping your music choices personal means staying true to your heart’s desires, so it’s best to create a soundtrack of songs that really mean something to you and your partner.

The perfect soundtrack for your unique celebration

No matter whether you choose to hire a live band, take requests or even sing along to a few songs with your guests, your wedding’s soundtrack is bound to be the perfect fit for your unique celebration. With all of your loved ones present to celebrate such a significant moment in your life, you’re sure to share wonderful memories together and have heaps of fun, both on and off the dance floor.