3 Things You Need to Know About Modern Wedding Lists

3 Things You Need to Know About Modern Wedding Lists

16th Jan 2024

Three things you need to know about modern wedding lists

Traditionally, a wedding gift list has been a way for newlyweds to receive all the items that they could possibly need in order to start a happy married life together. Modern wedding registries are a little different, and with the majority of long-term couples today already being good to go in terms of kitchenware and furniture, the items that end up on our gift lists have changed drastically.

If you’re considering setting up a gift list in the lead up to your big day, there are a few things to think about. In this guide, we break down some of the elements of a modern wedding list – including tips and tricks to get the most out of yours.

What you want, not what you need

In generations past, couples tended not to live together until after they were married. So, it made sense that household items were welcomed gifts for a newlywed couple to receive on their wedding day.

Today, most couples will already have plenty of kitchen utensils, bed linens, and guest towels, so they’re free to get a little more inventive when it comes to adding items to their wedding wishlist. This is great to keep in mind when you’re setting up your own. There’s no reason to conform to tradition and ask for items because they sound useful, if you’re not entirely sure you need them – instead, think about a few items that would truly enhance your relationship, and add them to your list.

Choose gifts that give back

Nowadays, couples are much more conscious of sustainability, and committed to doing their bit to ensure that their wedding is kind to the environment. This often means buying less, and focusing on limiting waste – whether by opting for eco-friendly menus, DIYing wedding decor, or choosing sustainability-focused wedding gifts that give back.

Sustainable gift ideas can include asking your guests to donate to a reforestation project, or for items that are made with eco-friendly materials that can be recycled further down the line. Similarly, asking your guests for cash means that you can donate to a cause that you really care about directly, such as a local charity or eco-initiative.

Cash goes a long way

Of course, monetary gifts are popular at weddings today. Many couples like to have money that they can put towards something that they care about, whether that’s giving to charity, their honeymoon fund, or a more expensive item that they really want.

Ultimately, while you’re unlikely to be stocking up on items for a new home immediately after your wedding, there’s always going to be some sort of household item that will come in handy further down the line. By asking your friends and family for cash, you can avoid receiving too many items unnecessarily when they’re not needed – and save the funds for the moments that they are in the future.

Should you register?

Registering for gifts won’t be the right choice for everyone, and sometimes, couples will choose to forgo receiving any wedding presents altogether. No matter how you choose to celebrate your marriage, you can make your choice work for you – whether you want to enjoy a few gifts, save for a special honeymoon, or donate to those less fortunate.

Don’t forget that there are endless ways to personalise your celebration, and you can always choose to give back – or indulge yourself – through